SBX 1: How Do I Start My Business Off With a Bang?

The Small Business Express

Every business owner dreams of opening their doors for the first time with a crowd of customers waiting to hand over their money.  More often than not, this usually doesn’t happen.

Launching your business with a bang requires planning, coordination and a ton of hard work on your part.  The good thing is that launching your business successfully is totally possible and you are in control of making it happen.

In this episode of The Small Biz Express podcast we discuss:

  • Why starting your business with momentum behind you is so important
  • Why your business plan is not as important as the process of planning itself
  • How to create a layered marketing plan that will reach your audience through several different mediums
  • How to establish strategic partnerships as you lead up to the launch of your business

 Action Steps from this episode:

  1. Make a commitment to yourself that you are going to put in the time and work required of you to launch your business successfully. Put in the hours, read the books, learn from others doing it already. Starting a business is hard, give yourself the best possible chance for success
  2. Spend a lot of time on your marketing plan. Don’t be a one trick pony, “I only do Facebook”. Learn to create a layered approach to your marketing, reaching people multiple times via multiple formats. Spend the time to create a custom marketing plan that is timed to release along with your business launch. Use the marketing tools we added to the show notes to help you map out the marketing plan that’s going to start your business off with a bang.
  3. It’s never too early to start making friends and strategic alliances. Get to know others in your industry, attend the events before you even start a business, have a team of people ready and willing to help you kick start your business. Sharpen up your relationships online via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, let people know your business will be launching soon, get them excited and eager to help you get off to a great start. In summary, start building your army well before the battle begins.


Links and Resources Discussed in this Episode

  1. Download the Annual Marketing Timeline template here
  2. Download the Marketing Planner & Cost Calculator here


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