SBX 33: How To Keep Focused On The Main Thing For Your Business

How To Keep Focused On The Main Thing For Your Business

Ever feel like you’re working your ass off in your business but when you look back, you feel like you still didn’t accomplish much?

Maybe your not focusing on the right things.

If you own your own business, you know that being super busy isn’t the same as being productive.  You can spend the entire day running from one fire to next and never actually do anything that is moving your business forward.

While it’s ok to have off days, if you feel like you’re having too many of these “off” days, maybe it’s time to step back and refocus your efforts.

You need to figure out what the most important things you should be doing to move your business forward.  Doing one high value activity a day is much better than checking off 20 unimportant tasks off your daily to do list.  It all comes down to knowing what’s important and focusing all of your efforts on them.

It’s making sure you stay focused on the main thing.

And you’re in luck, this is exactly what we are discussing in today’s show.

But before we go any further…

Yes, we’ve been on a mini-hiatus for the past couple of weeks.  Thanks to everyone who reached out, concerned about what the heck happened to us.  We’ve been working together to figure out how to improve the podcast and to make it bigger and better, but you can listen to this the episode for the full scoop.

Mike and Gary-The Small Business Express Podcast

Listen and Learn…

  • Why we often get trapped in the “Urgent but not Important” quadrant when it comes to being productive
  • Why we lose focus and how to get back on track towards your goals
  • Why people focus on the wrong things with their business
  • Why planning and thinking are just as important as doing
  • How to bounce back after an Off Day
  • Why being over productive can actually hurt you

Action Steps from this episode:

  1. Identify what the main thing is.  It all comes down to planning.  Before your day even starts you should know the ONE thing that you must get done that day in order to move your business forward.  Are you the type of person to make a to-do list a mile long?  At the top of that list you should have the most important thing you need to do.  And if nothing else gets done that day?  That’s ok, because you did the one big thing you needed to that will have a positive impact on your business.  Not sure what the most important thing is?  Don’t just do what you are comfortable with or are good at doing, do what is most important for your business.  Think of the thing you have been putting off and are afraid to do, usually that’s the important thing.

  2. Track a daily record for the main thing. Be protective of your time.  Again, be protective of your time.  Especially early in the day when you have to make sure you get the important stuff done.  Don’t worry about your inbox or returning calls.  Ignore casual requests for your time and attention.  You have the 1-2 things you know you need to get done so stay focused on those tasks until they are done.  Keep track of your time and your priority list, but don’t over schedule yourself.  Things will happen that will throw a monkey wrench into your perfectly scheduled day, make sure you leave time to deal with the unknowns or else those curveballs will drive you crazy.

  3. Recover quickly on OFF days.  We all have off days, even off weeks.  These days will throw your perfectly timed schedule for a loop and leave you feeling like you’ll be playing catchup for the next month.  The truth?  It’s not a big deal, in fact, know that it’s going to happen. Sometimes we get so caught up in getting stuff done that we don’t leave time to really think, and that’s where the ideas and breakthroughs happen.  If you start to feel overwhelmed and need to stop, use that time to unwind and do some productive thinking about your life and your business.

Links and Resources:

  1. Dan Kennedy’s No BS Time Management.  Most time management books are BS, this one is worth reading.

  2. How We Chose Our Business Name.  Nice article from the guys at WP Curve that discusses the collaborative process of choosing a name and URL for your business.
  3. Making Things Happen by Scott Belsky.  A good book that teaches you how to become action oriented and super productive by turning your to-do list into a series of projects with specific action steps.  You know how much we love action steps!

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  1. Rebecca Gibbs
    Rebecca Gibbs says:

    Inspirational, motivational, and a good kick in the butt. I’m pretty sure that is how I would sum up that episode.

    You guys are awesome and were extremely missed. But I am totally psyched that you FINALLY get to meet. Gary, just for fun you need to hand a camera to one of your kids and have them record the first time you guys come face to face. I can just picture Mike getting off the plane with a big smirk on his face because he knows what ridiculous joke he is going to tell as soon as he spots you.

    We should have some type of bet going around in regards to what both of your first words will be to each other. For Mike, I’m guessing he will start off with “Dude!” in a super excited voice and probably some super excited or super silly look on his face. For Gary I’m guessing he is going to say in a fairly nonchalant (yet partial hint of excitement) tone of voice, “what’s up bro?” with a simple, yet genuine, smile.

    And I’ll guess Mike will be the first to state the obvious, “We finally meet!” Or something along those lines.

    Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have put that on here because now you will attempt to remember to say and act a different way just to make me wrong!


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