SBX29: Evolution Of Your Thing

Evolution Of Your Thing

The itch to become a business owner happens seemingly out of nowhere. You’re standing in line at Wal-Mart. You’re daydreaming in the fast lane on the highway while other (irritated) drivers pass you on the right. Or you’re in the world’s incubator of great ideas: the shower. When, all of a sudden, you think: “I should start a business.”

Sure, it doesn’t come out quite like that. More of a “I wonder how much extra money I could bring in if I _______.”  Or maybe the seed –which was planted by a friend, co-worker, or family member in the form of a genuine of off-handed compliment– starts to bloom in the recesses of your brain.

As soon as that thought happens once? You’re screwed. It’ll show up at dinner when your wife is talking, while you’re watching AMERICA’S GOT TALENT with your husband, and most of all when you’re trying to fall asleep. Your next move is a big one, as it’ll set you onto a trajectory that could lead to your deepest wish fulfillment, or a never-ending cycle of frustration and overwhelm.

In this episode, Brian McLeod takes us through business owner evolution. This is a must listen to anybody whose on the fence with their big idea.  WARNING: consuming this episode may result in an exceptionally shortened learning curve for an aspiring business owner.

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.  — Brian McLeod  (Tweet It)

Listen and Learn…

  • The first thing to do when you decide you’re going for it.
  • How to give your budding business your best energy, even if you’re working 9 to 5. (11 minutes ish)
  • What it’s like to be a musician, working sales gigs to support the dream.
  • Why it will feel weird when you actually start to make money.
  • The challenge of being the center of your business and how Brian responded to being the guy that everybody calls for everything. (25 minutes ish)
  • A certain thing that most business owners and freelancers get caught up on when they start to succeed… and how to transition into long-term partnerships.
  • And so much more.  Like his buddy, Kevin, Brian is seriously laugh-out-loud funny.

Action Steps from this episode:

  1. Get Started Immediately.  Don’t just sit on the sidelines.  Don’t do what many people do: “Ready… Aim… Aim… Aiiiiiiiim….”  Get in the game.  Understand that it will be a slow process if you’re working your part time passion around your full time job.  Be sure to preserve your best energy for your part time passion.  Do this by flexing as much creativity in your full time gig as you can.  This keeps your day job fun and light versus burdensome.]

  2. Embrace the Evolution of Your Venture.  How this thing starts will assuredly not be how this finishes.  If you stay engaged for the long-term, one thing will lead to another, which will lead to another, which will lead to another.  Brian’s story is a perfect example: an evening/weekend musician gets into sales, begins working with inventors, starts copywriting with some of the biggest names in the biz, strikes out on his own as a freelancer, and partners with masters to start a production company.  Listen to this episode to hear some of the struggles and aha moments that you are likely to have as you set out on this journey.

  3. Look for Partnerships, Not Customers.  If you’re a service based business, the play is to find the people whom you can serve in a long-term basis.  Swinging from client to client like a monkey looking for the next banana can be unfulfilling and overwhelming.  Instead, engage in long-term consultative selling, where you look to become part of the family.  If you’re a product based business, provide a customer experience that ruins all other businesses.  Being the best spouse ever helps affair proof the marriage.  Listen to this episode for more of Brian’s amazing metaphors as you track with him on his amazing journey.

Links and Resources:

  1. Fast Effective Copy, Brian’s copywriting course with industry legend David Garfinkel.  “Seriously the best course on copy I’ve ever seen.  If you’re NOT going to hire a copywriter for your business, then buy this as the ultimate DIY.” -Mike (PS. I’m not kidding. Please reach out to me if you have any questions about it. I was blown away.)

  2. Create the ultimate owner brand.  If you missed this episode, you missed *a lot.*  When you first get into your new business venture, don’t become a cheerleader.  Start with THIS.  You’ll thank me later.


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  1. Rebecca Gibbs
    Rebecca Gibbs says:

    Great episode guys! Loved this interview with Brian!
    Gary, did you really want to be a masseuse originally? If so, that’s awesome. That’s actually what I was going to do before I decided to run after the food industry and business world. I still want to someday own a massage therapy spa…but mostly so I can get the owner perks of a free massage when I want. That’s on my “When I have enough $ to buy random businesses for fun” bucket list…..hehe


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