SBX 32: Advanced Website Strategies To Grow Your Business

Advanced Website Strategies To Grow Your Business

empire-flippers-justin-cookeWebsite not driving leads like you thought it would?  Maybe you’re focusing on the wrong things.

Every business owner dreams of having a website that prints money for their business, one that just keeps sending leads over and over again.  Yeah, that rarely ever happens.  Building a website that works is hard.  The strategy is easy but the execution is hard.

When building a website, most people focus on the wrong things.  They spend endless hours worrying about the perfect color scheme or the best font for their logo when they should be focused on the most important thing for any business website.

Delivering value.

Yes, build a website that your potential customers find unbelievably helpful and they won’t care that you’re using Helvetic as your title font instead of Mohave.

Don’t get bogged down by distractions, the most important thing to is just get started.  You don’t need to spend months building the perfect website, the more important thing is get it up and start delivering value for your customers.

So how do you do it?

justin-cooke-empire-flippersWell in this episode of The Small Business Express podcast, we are very honored to have the one and only Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers to share his vast online knowledge with us.  Justin is an Expat from California living the island life in the Philippines and runs a really successful online business building, buying and selling websites.

Justin Cooke has been involved with hundreds of website projects and consults with small business owners on how to create websites that drive engagement and leads.  He is also the co-host of a very popular podcast that covers online marketing, buying and selling websites and a load of other insanely useful you should check out.

Listen and Learn…

  • Why small business owners focus on the wrong things when building a website
  • The most important things you need to know when building a website
  • Why the design isn’t that important and how it can cost you business
  • The one marketing channel that is so important but so underutilized by small business.
  • How to quickly and cheaply outsource small web projects
  • Things you need to know to drive website conversions
  • And so much more.  When it comes to building websites, Justin just knows his stuff!

Action Steps from this episode:

  1. Your business website should be designed around customer INTERESTS, PROBLEMS, or PASSIONS.  Your website should be more than just a digital brochure for your business.  It should solve your potential customers problems, answer burning questions and set the stage for building a long lasting relationship with your customer.  The look of the site is less important than the value it delivers to your potential customer.

  2. Get your email opt-in nailed down along with a reason to opt-in…. and get the SITE UP!. One of the most underused marketing techniques used by small business is building an email list.  An email list is a direct pipeline to your customer and you can reach them anytime you want with very little cost.  Figure out what value you can offer a visitor to your website in exchange for their email.  The offer should be value based (great info or some sort of offer) and related to the product or service you are offering.  The most important thing is to get your site up and start building a list, work out the little things later.

  3. Go back and fix stuff later. SEO, Copy, GET IT UP!.  The number reason small business owners fail online?  They focus on the wrong things.  They delay a website launch for weeks or even months because of not having the right logo or color scheme for the site.  Get the site up as best you can, start driving traffic and building an email list right away.  You can go back and change that shade of grey later on, it’s not that important.

Links and Resources:

  1. Empire Flippers. Justin’s company where you can learn everything you could ever want when it comes to building, selling and buying websites.  Want to fast track a new business?  Buy an existing website with traffic and rankings already in place.  Justin and his partner, Joe “Hot Money” Magnotti have all the resources in place to get you started.  Also check out there podcast, it rocks, it really does.

  2. Fiverr.  Online resource for finding just about any kind of service you can think of for 5 bucks.  There is a lot of junk on there, but definitely a few gems if you take the time to go through them.  Some possible uses would be short video creation, proofreading and other small tasks that can be quickly and easily outsourced.
  3. Theme Forest. You don’t need to spend a bundle of a fancy pants website design,  There are thousands of great looking website theme templates available on sites like Theme Forest that can get you up and running in a day.  The copy on your site and the value you create for your customers are more important than how it looks, though it should look pretty good as well.
  4. SBX Episode 27 that covers common website mistakes that are killing website conversions on your website.
  5. Lead Pages.  Create custom landing pages without knowing a lick of code.  Also a great resource for learning about website conversions.

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