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SBX 34: How To Recharge Yourself and Your Business

Feel like you’ve run out of gas, that starting a business is burning you out?  Are you finding yourself avoiding the important things that need to get done in your business? If you’re experiencing feelings of self-doubt, burn-out, apathy, laziness, and guilt that comes from not doing what you know you should be doing, it’s […]

SBX 32: Advanced Website Strategies To Grow Your Business

Website not driving leads like you thought it would?  Maybe you’re focusing on the wrong things. Every business owner dreams of having a website that prints money for their business, one that just keeps sending leads over and over again.  Yeah, that rarely ever happens.  Building a website that works is hard.  The strategy is […]

SBX 31: When Is It Time To Pivot Your Business

Every business owner eventually arrives at a crossroads with their business where they have to make some tough decisions.  Things may not be going as planned and you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels.  So do you keep plugging along and hope the obvious business problems you face will eventually work themselves out?  Do […]

SBX29: Evolution Of Your Thing

The itch to become a business owner happens seemingly out of nowhere. You’re standing in line at Wal-Mart. You’re daydreaming in the fast lane on the highway while other (irritated) drivers pass you on the right. Or you’re in the world’s incubator of great ideas: the shower. When, all of a sudden, you think: “I […]

SBX 28: Building Owner Brands

Social media… it is NOT just for your business.  In an age of information and CEO celebrity-hood, customers want to know a little something about the owner of your company (RE: you).  It doesn’t matter if you’re an offline owner, an online owner, or an aspiring owner with a cool idea. Your online profiles are […]

SBX 25: How To Make Your Business Standout From The Crowd

You’re rocking out.  Building your business.  Dreaming.  Planning.  Dreaming some more.  And then it happens.  You discover another business doing what you’re doing.  Competition happens, sure.  But THIS other business is further along than you.  Has more customers than you.  And may even look better than you.  What’s going to make you different? Or maybe […]

SBX 23: How To Find The Right Business Partner

The only thing that might be uglier than a divorce is a business partnership gone bad. Business partnerships can be awesome.  Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak, Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger, Mike Monroe & Gary Shouldis and Darryl Hall & John Oats are just a few examples of the magic that can happen when two […]

SBX 22: Twitter Success In Under 15 Minutes a Day

So much social media, so little time!  Many business owners believe that if they can’t do EVERYTHING, they shouldn’t even try to do SOMETHING.  Which is why we hunted down small business owner and Twitter expert, Mr. Josh King.  As a small business consultant, Josh recognizes the need to keep the social media workload light. […]

SBX 21: How To Validate Your Business Idea

Has anyone ever told you, “you’re so great at (insert skill), you should start a business!” These words, though innocent, have paved the road to more failed business ventures than any recession, depression or economic downturn ever has. Encouragement from friends and family is great, but before you start a business, you have to dive […]

SBX 20: How to Get Customers Coming to YOU

The hardest part of being a business owner is getting people who need you to notice you.  And then, once they notice you, getting them to overcome their natural skepticism and buyers remorse to purchase from you.  *Sigh*  What if there was a way where you could accomplish both without feeling sleazy, salesy, or scummy?  What […]

SBX 19: How To Get Started In Ecommerce

Have you always wanted to create an eCommerce store for your business but don’t know where to start? Creating an Ecommerce store, as a stand alone store or to supplement your brick and mortar, can be a great way for a local business to create a much broader reach than a physical location ever could. […]

SBX 18 – The Upsell: Getting Your Customers To Buy More Stuff

Congratulations, you made a sale!  But what if it meant more than a monetary transaction that ensured your business could stay open for 12 minutes longer?  What if, instead of saying “you made a sale,” we instead suggested “you solved a problem.”  That certainly puts things in perspective.  And it proves the necessity of upselling […]

SBX17 – How To Productize Your Service And Get Paid Faster

Are you a service professional having a hard time getting paid by your customers?  Is cash flow always an issue? This is something that plagues many freelancers and service professionals. Getting paid on time. You can have a successful business and still get into lots of financial trouble because you’re getting paid so slow after […]

SBX 15: Creating A Killer Business Blog

Every business owner has been told by at least a few people that they need to have a blog.  They tell them a blog will make you a leader in your field, will drive tons of traffic to your website and will increase revenues 10 times over.  Well, maybe not 10 times, but you get […]

SBX 14: How Your Business Can Work With Charities

Serving customers is great.  But as business owners we have the opportunity to do even more for causes, communities, and people the world-over.  Almost everybody nowadays has a favorite charity (or two, or five) and the question becomes: how can you leverage your position as a business leader to (1) support those charities while (2) […]